Private Tango Classes

with Graham and Nathalie

One to One Coaching

Private classes are ideal for anyone who wants to work in detail on something specific, or on an aspect of their dancing that for whatever reason cannot be covered in sufficient detail in a regular class. For individual dancers (leader or follower) or dance couples.



Stanley Halls: 6.30pm - 8.00pm most Tuesdays before the regular class.

Other venues booked as required. Daytime bookings available. Please get in touch to discuss your preferred time for classes.


Private classes are £28 per hour, plus venue costs. Typical venue charges are:

  • Stanley Halls - £20 p.h.
  • St Luke's - £15 p.h.
  • Limpsfield - £15 p.h.

If you have space at your house or have access to somewhere else suitable then there will of course be no venue charge.

Discounts are avaiable for regular class attendees. Please ask if you want to find out if you qualify as 'regular'.


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