24 Jul: Dancing in the Wilderness Park in Shirley

20 Jun: Filming an after-class demo at St Luke's

7 Apr: Dancing at the Shirley outreach event last weekend.

20 Aug: South Norwood class - glad to be back!

12 Jul: Dancing in the park... Tango Al Fresco

12 Apr: The Studio in the Shed for Jivebeat Radio

10 Aug: The dancing may be on hold, but the music continues. www.jivebeat.dance

25 Feb: Tangodog at #Sevenoaks

12 Feb: Tango time at South Norwood.

25 Jan: Sound for tango and dance events... contact The Lacuna Works

9 Jan: First #tango class of the year in South Norwood.

31 Dec: Happy New Year!

19 Dec: The Tangosynthesis Christmas Party at South Norwood.

17 Dec: Last full class of the year at South Norwood.

17 Dec: South Norwood tango tea club!

5 Dec: Free leg action at South Norwood.

31 Oct: Learn the Tango!

26 Oct: You never know who is going to turn up when you run a halloween themed #neolonga

10 Oct: A moment of one-to-one during tea break on Tuesday. #tango #neotango

2 Oct: Nathalie teaching at South Norwood last night.

30 Sep: The Hernhill Practilonga tonight, with Tamsyn and Richard

30 Sep: Tango at South Norwood last week.

25 Sep: The class at South Norwood last night making the evening very special! Thank you all! #tango #3yearsofteaching

23 Sep: Down at #Brighton for the evening.

20 Sep: Another great fun class at #sevenoaks last night.

18 Sep: Tuesday’s wonderful class at South Norwood. You guys make it such a great night. #tango #danceclass

14 Sep: Practicing giros or sweeping the floor? #tango #neolonga #earlyarrival

11 Sep: Last night at South Norwood was a really fun class #tango #danceclass

10 Sep: Monday night’s class at #TunbridgeWells

9 Sep: South Norwood #tango class a few weeks ago.

6 Sep: Getting ready for off-axis calesitas at #Sevenoaks last night #tango

5 Sep: Photographer caught! Taken on Tuesday at #SouthNorwood

5 Sep: The Tango Underground is back in Otford on the 13th September. #neotango #neolonga

5 Sep: Graham and Nathalie at the Biggin Hill Festival of Flight in August. Tango demo with The Dulcettes singing.

3 Sep: Pivoting practice at #SouthNorwood #SE25 #StanleyHalls tonight.

3 Sep: Another one from Monday night at #TunbridgeWells #Tango

3 Sep: Calesitas at Tunbridge Wells last night. #tango

29 Aug: Calesitas last Thursday at #Sevenoaks

27 Aug: Explanations by Ieva #SouthNorwood #tuesdaytango

27 Aug: Footwork #SouthNorwood #tango

26 Aug: Nathalie warming up #TunbridgeWells #retro

15 Aug: Dark and moody #Sevenoaks #tango

15 Aug: #tangodog

8 Aug: What is going on with my shoulder? #Sevenoaks

22 Jul: South Norwood #tango

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