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All Change at Sevenoaks

21 Aug 2018 - by Graham

We are still on our summer break at Sevenoaks, but when we come back a lot of things will be changing. I sent out all this info in the newsletter last week, but as I know that a lot of you don't get that for various reasons, here it is in blog form as well.

So what's changing? Well, for a start, we are re-opening on the 6th September, and when we do we will be at:

St Luke's Church Hall, 30 Eardley Road, Sevenoaks, TN13 1XT

The eagle-eyed among you will immediately spot that the 6th is a Thursday. Class nights at Sevenoaks will be on a Thursday from now on.

We are also temporarily dropping the smooth jive part of the class so we can concentrate on tango. I know that this will annoy some of you as smooth jive is the main reason for you coming, but there are a number of good reasons for us doing this. I won't try to explain them all here though; that's a subject for another post.

Our monthly X-Tango Alternative Milongas will still be on Fridays and will still be at the Community Centre, so this means that classes won't be interrupted every few weeks. Please note that our next X-Tango is on the 28th September as we cancelled the late August one to avoid clashing with Herstmonceux (see below).

Additionally, one Friday a month we will be running a "Guided Practilonga" at St Luke's. These will be a 2-hour practice session with no class but plenty of help around if you need it. We will mix up the music at these, so there will be plenty of opportunity to try out different dance styles if you want. We will be trialling these at £6 on the door for this year.

So that's a lot of stuff happening in Sevenoaks! In summary:

  • Classes are moving to Thursdays, and will become all tango, with beginners at 8pm and improvers / intermediates at 9pm.
  • We are moving to a new hall for classes - St Luke's Church Hall
  • We are adding a guided multi-genre practilonga at St Luke's, one Friday a month
  • X-Tango will stay monthly and will stay at the Community Centre

Got that all in your diaries? Good. There may be an exam... 😉

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