Classes may be suspended for the moment whilst the pandemic situation is resolved, but that does not mean there has to be no tango.

For only £5.48 per month you can subscribe to our online tango learning channel. Updated weekly, this will grow into a tango resource covering everything from the fundamentals to advanced moves and techniques.

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Neotango Dance Classes in South-East London and Kent

Argentine Tango classes taught by Graham and Nathalie at a small but growing network of venues in the south-east. Join us and discover the exciting world of Neotango, modern Argentine Tango with emphasis on enjoyment and freedom over unnecessary rules and traditions.

All our classes are drop-in, with no courses to book or specific days that you have to start. They are suitable for any age (from 18 upwards) and any fitness level, with any dance experience or none at all.

Our class evenings are split into three parts... a fundamentals session that is perfect for beginners whilst serving as a good reminder or warm-up for more experienced dancers, an improvers class where we look at something in more depth or complexity, and a practice session for you to try out what you have just learned. You only pay once for the evening - £10 per person in a regular class - and for that you can do any part of the evening or all of it, whichever you like.

Upcoming Events:

Friday 21st Aug

Otford Village
XTango Neolonga

Friday 18th Sep

Otford Village
XTango Neolonga

Friday 16th Oct

Otford Village
XTango Neolonga

Friday 13th Nov

Otford Village
XTango Neolonga

Friday 18th Dec

Otford Village
XTango Neolonga

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What do people say?

Tuesdays are one of the highlights of the week now I have tango. The classes are serious fun, in that learning to tango is an art and more complicated than many dances but the teaching makes it accessible and we always have a laugh. It's a lovely atmosphere and a great escape from the working week to just get absorbed in dancing and good music.

The teaching is inclusive so whether you are a beginner or an experienced dancer you'll learn new things and feel like you are making progress.

It's a good value class, plenty of individual tuition and time to dance and practice at the end.

Sarah (Classes)


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Next event: Fri 21st Aug

XTango Neolonga

Otford Memorial Hall, Otford Village

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